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firstAn initial fee: 0 $
moneyInvestment required: 3500 $
royaltyRoyalty: 0 $
timePayback. Number of months: 4
firstCategory: Modeling agency, Model agency for children
Conditions for the implementation of a business project: You need to make a lump-sum contribution in the amount of three thousand five hundred American dollars. Investments will vary in volume, but will amount to no more than forty thousand tenge within a month, it will be possible to recoup the investment only in a period of two to three months. Create a franchise: You will need a package of documents. In addition, we will provide you with sales scripts, they will allow you to effectively sell the product; by regions, you will have a database of participants at your disposal, you can use it for the benefit of a business project; within the framework of advertising, you will receive support on a monthly basis, we will give you the opportunity to effectively carry out advertising campaigns, thereby ensuring effective demand on an ongoing basis.
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article Royalty Free Franchise


The royalty-free franchise has gained widespread popularity among entrepreneurs picking their business ideas, with a complete lack of interest in the sale received. The royalty-free franchise is provided by our company USU Software, providing partnerships with various enterprises. There are many royalty-free franchise applicants, but the main thing is to consider what kind of business idea you are taking. You are able to purchase a royalty-free franchise in partnership with our long-standing company USU Software. After purchasing a royalty-free franchise, the collected list of documents regarding the project is assigned to the entrepreneur, ready to use. You are able to develop the project actively, cooperating with representatives of our company, with a detailed implementation of the strategy, according to the profile of the desired form of activity. A royalty-free privilege is the best turnkey project choice, reasonably reducing the various risks and expectations of failure. First of all, for a ready-made business, you need to go through the negotiation stages with our team, which help you understand the need to choose a specific point of view, with a detailed review of the project and translated documents. A royalty-free privilege goes a long way in growing your business as there are many areas of content in their arsenal that are sure to interest customers.

Any franchise in the form of a project worked out in detail by our specialists, with the possibility of forming the most beneficial client plans. Using the opportunities to create a royalty-free privilege business, it possible to build a strategy that successfully shows what the leverage should be for fruitful work. For a gratuitous franchise, you can get additional advice on marketing and advertising nuances, with a list of information on raising wholesales. The best way is to buy a small idea from the manufacturer, tested with reviews, which you can read in the comments of our site. Before buying any size project, you need to carefully prepare for choosing the right direction of the strategy with subsequent development in different directions. If you want to develop within the current trends, you should familiarize yourself with the royalty-free franchise offered by our company USU Software, in accordance with the availability of various programs and projects in a modern format.

article Franchise. Modeling agency


A franchise for a modeling agency is, in principle, a promising, but potentially risky project. If you are implementing it, you need to be clearly aware of all the threats that you may have to face. In general, if you interact with a franchise, then you already make an initial contribution at the start of the activity. It is called a lump sum and its percentage ranges from 9 to 11 of your initial investment. Implement a model franchise in full compliance with the regulations and set of rules that you receive from the franchisor. This will provide you with a very significant advantage that you will be able to use in competitive confrontation. A modeling agency needs to be managed with knowledge of the business, taking full advantage of the franchise. Firstly, this is the presence of a well-known brand, and secondly, it is an opportunity to achieve success with the help of a whole set of various regulations, installations, a set of active technologies, and unique inimitable know-how.

A modeling agency that operates in accordance with a franchise needs to earn significantly more than those competitors who do not use this toolkit. This is simply due to the fact that you have certain obligations. This is not only a lump-sum contribution, which initially takes 10% of your investment away from you. There are two more contributions, each of which costs money. The first of these is royalties, and its volume can reach 6% of turnover or income, it all depends on the terms of the contract. Further, when you run a franchise for a modeling agency, another mandatory contribution is the global ad deduction. This money is spent by the franchisor in order to increase the level of the brand's popularity on the world stage. Work with a franchise for a modeling agency efficiently and efficiently, not allowing your competitors to gain a significant advantage over you in the fight for sales markets. A well-functioning franchise for a modeling agency is a very profitable business project that can be fraught with certain dangers.

To overcome them, it is necessary to strictly observe all those rules that will be spelled out in the agreement with the franchisor.

article Franchise. Model agency for children


Children model agency franchise allows opening schools on ready-made conditions, both online and offline. By purchasing a franchise, you get exclusive rights to use the name of a particular brand, with shows, training, promotions, contests, and other events at the federal level. Opening a business in the field of beauty, a children modeling agency is not only pleasant but also profitable, because all parents see their children as a celebrity, with a good appearance and posing experience. By launching a model agency franchise, there is no need to gain clients, the customer base is included in the package, and there are no advertising costs. As a rule, the education of children lasts an average of a year, and such area demand is growing, thus the offer of franchisors is in great demand. Going into the catalog of the franchise, you can choose what suits you the most in terms of cost, conditions, and your region. Besides, in the franchise directory, you can see full information about the company, how many years it has been on the emporium, the percentage of sold franchises, and in which regions, the amount of the lump sum, etc. Payback periods are prescribed as well. A single franchisees site makes it easier for consumers to navigate.

Our specialists always come to the rescue and advise on various issues, and also present at meetings and signing an agreement.

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