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firstAn initial fee: 0 $
moneyInvestment required: 50000 $
royaltyRoyalty: 0 $
timePayback. Number of months: 12
firstCategory: Trade, Brand store, Design
Excellent prospects for acquiring a franchise and developing business around the world! Togas is a large European network of developers of luxury textiles and home accessories. We give customers the opportunity to purchase a choice of finished goods or products developed by the company's designers. Our collection includes proposals with exquisite bedding sets, curtains and bedspreads, terry products, sleep products with high quality fillings, tableware, home and home fragrances, and much more. Almost 100 years on the market, and today the company has 140 boutiques around the world. The basis for a successful Togas business is the preservation of family values and European quality standards, with perfect service and innovative developments, including popular styles and solutions in textile decoration for living quarters.
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article Franchise and distributor


Franchise and distributor are not only interrelated concepts. These are also production tasks that need to be automated. New generation software is suitable according to these purposes. You are able not only to effectively deal with the franchise but also to give the distributors the necessary amount of attention. No business goes without a distributor, so in a franchise, you l take into account all the elements using a computer complex. With unique and very versatile software at the same time, you can efficiently and easily cope with the tasks of the office format, carrying them out in the most efficient way.

Your franchise pays off, as an investment in automation. The complex can not only provide multitasking but also is optimal in terms of cost in terms of price and quality. If you use franchise software, then the biz surpasses any analogs. The franchise distributor program must be created with attention to detail. A well-executed and well-designed interface is also the distinguishing feature of such a product. The filigree program effectively fulfills any assigned tasks.

The attractiveness of franchising lies in the availability of undeniable advantages for both participants in the franchise relationship. To small businesses and individual entrepreneurs, it provides a stable profitable business, for well-known firms and companies the opportunity to expand and strengthen their positions in the market. The attractiveness of our development is that it suits absolutely everyone for absolutely any goals and objectives.

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