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firstAn initial fee: 3500 $
moneyInvestment required: 52500 $
royaltyRoyalty: 5 %
timePayback. Number of months: 15
firstCategory: Playground, Children playground
Muraveinik is the largest federal network of children's playgrounds in Russia! Today, there are 30 sites in 24 cities. We professionally open children's playgrounds, build a system, create a flow of customers and keep it. We are inspired by the rave reviews of our customers for further development. For 5 years now we have been participating in the development of the children's entertainment market in Russia. This market is developing rapidly. Parents deny entertainment to themselves, but not to children! We offer proven technologies for launching the site, namely: assistance in the selection of premises; expert assessment of the rented area; assistance in the selection and training of personnel; recommendations for design work; equipment layout plan; legal support; technical support; brand book; free site with high conversion; branded advertising products; marketing at the launch stage, as well as recommendations for effective advertising channels.
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article Franchise. Playground


A franchise for a playground and entertainment center allows you to improve the financial situation of franchisors, as well as contribute to the initial work of franchisees who dream of starting their own business but do not know where to start. Children are the flowers of life and parents want to provide them with everything they need, choosing a playground also takes time and analysis and, studying advertising offers, people often choose names with a worldwide reputation. A playground should be distinguished by quality, convenience, safety, and versatility. The more outlets with children's gambling zones are open, the more recognition and income in all regions. In order not to lose the brand, but at the same time to expand, it is possible to securely grant the right to use the franchisees to provide the brand to the franchisees, and the catalog with franchises on various topics, including children's, will help in mediation. By showing not only the opportunity to post your offer with a franchise, but also assist in the support, travel to meetings, and including assistance in legal support.

Franchises vary in cost and terms of conditions. In addition, there is a lump-sum fee payable at the time of signing the agreement between the parties. We thank you in advance for applying for a franchise, your interest, and your trust, and looking forward to a long-term relationship.

article Franchise. Children playground


A children's playground franchise is a topical and very profitable office project in the future. So during the implementation of the planned processes, you do not have difficulties of an insurmountable nature, prepare in advance. This helps you easily cope with any tasks, accomplishing them perfectly. By executing a nursery franchise, you have every chance to become a competitive business entity. If you are engaged in a children's franchise, then you need to strictly follow the regulations, follow playground rules and adjustments, and in general, having every chance of success. They must be used to the maximum to increase the grade of profitability.

Use the playground franchise in a way that maximizes the safety of your visitors. To do this, it is necessary to borrow the current regulations, standards, and norms from the franchisor. You need to use them wisely, adapting to local realities. Franchise your kids' playground for the highest level of consumer comfort. You must provide the best possible interactive experience for the customers who contact them. Then they again want to come to you, as well as purchase some services or goods.

Optimize your children's playground to maximize income and minimize costs. Certainly, you should not save where it is unacceptable. It is about price optimization, not mindless savings. As a result, having received a high level of income thanks to the franchise, you minimize the value of maintaining a playground. As a result, you get a powerful cumulative effect. The cumulative effect, similar to the HEAT projectile jet, is a powerful jet that penetrates the armor of competitors and allows dominating the market.

You have every chance to win confidently and take the franchise to a whole new level. The professionalism of employees should be as high as possible so each of them effectively performs their direct labor functions. Of course, the specialists in the children's athletic field franchise must be polite and communicate correctly with consumers.

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