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firstAn initial fee: 3500 $
moneyInvestment required: 5000 $
royaltyRoyalty: 3 %
timePayback. Number of months: 3
firstCategory: Kid `s camp
A brand called Enjoy Camp is educational camps for children in Moscow. They are also on the territory of Bulgaria and England. In Russia, on the territory of the city of Moscow, in 2018, during the summer, we provided service to more than 2,000 children as part of the activities of our Enjoy Camp organization. We efficiently carry out office work. We have an annual increase in the number of participants by two or even three times. But we are confident that you will be able to enjoy even higher growth parameters by interacting with our organization. Contact us in order to optimize your office workflow. You will be able to carry out any tasks facing the organization with the maximum level of efficiency. Our franchise will provide a full-fledged competitive advantage. We have a language camp, not an easy one, with training. This is immersion in the language environment. No language barrier, start speaking exclusively in English.
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article Franchise. Children's camp


The franchise for the children's camp will develop in a wide format with constant demand since this area is currently the most profitable activity. Children's camp franchises will work to enter the established company on an international level, which will allow you to try yourself in the entrepreneurial business. You will be able to purchase a franchise with a children's camp at an affordable price indicated by the manufacturer since the tourism industry can make your business a more sustainable direction in the market. If a client chooses a manufacturer of a franchise for children's tourism, then in the future it will be necessary to conduct a series of negotiations, during which various nuances will be discussed with the conclusion of cooperation agreements. The various projects will run a series of manufacturer seminars to help you quickly master the different skills of dealing with customers and suppliers. With a broad form of work, you must properly listen to all the recommendations that come from the manufacturer of the franchise.

You can create a business with the purchase of a franchise for a children's camp by all standards in a modern way.

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